Sharing my swimming pool with swans

 Well it’s been a little too long since I last updated. I’m happy to say that back in March I completed the Sport Relief 5k swim. It was hard. Very hard. But I’m so happy I finished it, and in less than 2 and a half hours!


 In July I’m going to swim 6k along the River Avon in Devon to raise funds for the Cinnamon Trust -  a charity that helps older people and people living with terminal illness to look after their beloved family pets. I’ve got to admit, swimming up and down pool lanes isn’t always the most exciting type of exercise, but the great thing about getting into shape for a long distance river swim is that you also have a great excuse to swim outside! My swim buddy and I have been out getting used to our wetsuits in the saltwater pool at Tollesbury and the River Chelmer at Boreham Bridge and it has made swimming interesting again!



Getting ready for a swim at Tollesbury


Obviously, if you do go swimming in the wild, I’s very important to make sure that you keep safe, and good advice can be found here:


 I’ve found that swimming with a friend who is very experienced outdoors has opened up a new world – there’s nothing like getting a duck’s eye view of a river! It can be quite challenging getting used to sharing the water with wildlife (something I’m still not hugely fond of) but it’s also great fun swimming downstream with the current. Or, at Tollesbury, watching the comings and goings of the boats. 


 As the countdown to my long swim in Devon begins, I’m glad I’ve found a way to keep a sport I enjoy fun and varied. Now I just need to worry about actually surviving 6 kilometres in a river!


Carla Johnson

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