My next Camino snippet

My next challenge is to take into the future those life lessons learned on the Camino

 So now when I really don’t feel like taking the dog for a walk on a hot day I remember how we walked in the mountains with the temperature at 30 degrees, and while carrying a seven kilo backpack - my spirits are lifted and new energy goes into the walk.

 The Camino challenge showed me that often there is an alternative way of doing something difficult – have I mentioned in previous blogs that ‘getting old’ can be difficult?  In the heat of the mountains sometimes it was more useful to pour cold water over my head than to shed layers of clothing.  The bliss of cold water seeping through my clothes acted as a very efficient air conditioning unit.

 A current bout of vertigo is challenging me to think before I move!  A move so simple as bending forward to pick something from the floor or to take an item from a low cupboard feels as if the world has gone into a spin.  Using thigh muscles to go into a low squat instead,  while remembering not to look down, helps while also conveniently strengthening those muscles not often used.  People pay good money to get that skill at the gym!  Yes, my knees do creak and complain but I met people on the Camino walking with serious health difficulties.

 Another skill to exercise was encouragement.  Pilgrims on the route, Peregrinos, when passing each other called ‘Buen Camino’, they did this not sometimes, but always.  It was a call of encouragement and to say ‘Have a good Camino.’  The reply always is ‘Buen Camino.’  Ageing might bring limitations but needn’t limit the gift of being an encourager.  Often just a smile or warmly said ‘Hello’ or ‘Good morning’ can be a blessing.

 So, Buen Camino, have a good day.

 Autumn Gold

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