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We want to share one of our main tips for successful long term weight management.

Keeping to a regular eating pattern is one of the first important steps to successful weight loss. Whether you like to eat two or five times a day the important thing is to stick to a pattern and try to eat at roughly the same times each day.

Eating regularly will mean that:

  • You’ll find it easier to stop eating at the end of your meal
  • You’ll find that you’re ready to eat at mealtimes
  • You’ll be less likely to think about foods in between meals
  • You won’t need to resort to high fat snacks because of missed meals.

Other benefits include:

  • A more stable blood sugar
  • Improved concentration and not feeling tired
  • Greater and more consistent energy levels
  • A lower blood cholesterol level.

 How to get started

  • Try to keep to the same pattern of eating every day throughout the whole week. A consistent pattern will, in the long term, help you keep off the weight you lose.
  • Pick a pattern that fits in with your own daily routine and stick to it.If you haven’t eaten like this for some time, or if you never have, you will need to make a big effort to make the change
  • If you are someone who snacks, try to snack at around the same time each day try planning at what times you are going to eat and check at the end of the day if you kept to those times.

 We hope you find this helpful!

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