Heathy lifestyle Vs weight and shape…


So, here we are in July.  Half a year gone already, with me weighing no less than I did in January, but, thankfully, I’m a lot more mobile and in much less pain!  When I saw the physio last he said he felt that I was managing my exercise regime well and that he didn’t think he needed to see me again.  He is keeping my case open for the next three months, just in case.


With his encouragement, I have been a little more adventurous in the exercises that I do each day.   Some of them are familiar from yoga postures – things like the bridge and the cobra poses, albeit a far more cautious version!  It feels strange to start flexing my back (after months of trying very hard not to) and also very difficult.  The clicks and pops in my spine are making a recurrence but I am hoping they will go away as my back gets used to moving again.  The fracture prevention nurse didn’t seem quite as gung ho about all this as did the physio, so I am being super careful.  She has put me on different medication for the osteoporosis, as I had side effects from the Alendronic Acid I’d been prescribed. I have been taking something called Strontium Ranelate for four days now and so far so good.  As it works on building new bone as well as preserving old bone, I am really hoping I can manage to keep on taking it.  Fingers crossed.


We are attempting 10 days away in our motorhome mid July, on the strength of a successful trial weekend in Warwick at Easter.  My walking ability is still limited to short distances but I am hoping to improve on that while we are away.  We will have a hire car as well, just in case I don’t improve as much as I’d like to!  At least I can travel comfortably now, without being padded all round with a selection of cushions and lumbar supports, not to mention hot water bottles!


I am trying to keep in mind that it’s more important to eat healthily than worry too much about my weight.  In any case, I will never regain the shape I was (the loss of 3” in height has made sure of that) however much weight I lose.  And I also know that being too thin is not good for your bones – and no, this is not just me making excuses for the fact that I am not losing weight.  It’s me coming to terms with the fact that I am a different shape and size and there’s actually nothing fundamentally wrong with that – within reason!  I despair sometimes when I see myself in the mirror and I’m hoping that as time goes by, and my ability to exercise increases still further, I will firm up a bit.  But there is no magic wand I can wave to turn back time, however much I would like to return to the old me.


So here we are, in July, with me feeling fairly philosophical about diet, weight loss and my new shape.  Let’s hope that continues …


Jenni Kelly

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